Sustainability at CSU

It's great to be green. It's even better that, for many decades, Colorado State University has advanced green technology and sustainability with efforts that go far beyond just changing light bulbs.

CSU students have been a big part of campus conservation efforts in general. Over the past year or so, after nine new buildings opened on campus, the University's energy usage went down. Cooler weather contributed to the reduction, but so did measures put in place to reduce energy use across campus. We cut our greenhouse gas emissions by about 3 percent in Fiscal Year 2009, says Carol Dollard, Facilities energy engineer.

CSU is proud of its holistic approach to sustainability. From eating with corn-based, compostable utensils to riding bicycles to learning from researchers who are already changing the world, the community at our land-grant University is making a difference in all things green.

Additional resources

  • EcoPress - a website highlighting the science and scientists of the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University
  • CSU's Climate Action Plan (CAP)
  • STARS: In Feb 2014 CSU completed its second STARS Report - which resulted in once again being placed as the Nation's Top University for Achievement in Sustainability, with the highest score ever reported. STARS or the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™, is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. STARS® was developed by AASHE with broad participation from the higher education community. The STARS report utilizes a diverse set of departments, programs, and commitments to evaluate Universities' commitment to sustainability. Feedback from the report has indicated significant strengths in educational programs, curriculum, and several departments; from Human Resources to Diversity. The report will allow anyone to search many of CSU's successful green endeavors, while also providing an opportunity for the administration to continue to grow as a leading University committed to sustainability.

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