Future Earth

Future Earth is a global platform for international scientific collaboration, providing the knowledge required for societies in the world to face risk posed by global environmental change and to seize opportunities in a transition to global sustainability.

The governance structure of Future Earth embraces the concepts of co-design and co-production of science with relevant stakeholders across a wide range of sectors.

The Governing Council and its subsidiary bodies, involve as appropriate, representatives from a range of communities (academia, funders, governments, international, organizations and science assessments, development groups, business and industry, civil society and the media).

The work of these bodies is supported by the Future Earth Secretariat that coordinates the scientific projects and performs the day-to-day management of Future Earth, ensuring coordination across themes, projects, regions and committees, and liasing with key actors.

The Secretariat comprises five global hubs which function as a single entity, located in Canada (Montreal), France (Paris), Japan (Tokyo), Sweden (Stockholm) and the United States (Colorado).

Colorado Hub:

Josh Tewksbury
Global Hub Director, Colorado

Craig Starger
Research Liaison Officer, Colorado

Laurel Milliken
Information Technology Officer

Diana Wall
Principal investigator, Colorado
Director, School of Global Environmental Sustainability 

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