Global Biodiversity Center

Visit the Global Biodiversity Center website here.

Increasingly a greater focus has been put on biodiversity in all systems as it provides numerous ecosystem services and sustains human well-being. Here at Colorado State University, a number of researchers, across disciplines, study the many facets of biodiversity and the benefits biodiversity provides for ecosystem services.

Principle Investigators:

  • Joel Berger
  • Cynthia (Cini) Brown
  • Colleen Duncan
  • W. Chris Funk
  • Kathleen Galvin
  • Barry Noon
  • Arathi Seshadri
  • Kate Shoenecker
  • Diana H. Wall
  • George Wittemyer

The SoGES Global Biodiversity Center (GBC) is a campus wide Initiative that will work to:

  • Network faculty involved in biodiversity research at CSU
  • Encourage knowledge transfer across campus and potential collaborations
  • Promote CSU as an international center for biodiversity research through research and public awareness

If you are interested, please visit the GBC website or email Chris Funk for more information.