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The School of Global Environmental Sustainability tries to make event content available to those who were unable to attend an event or seminar. We film most of our sponsored events and publish the videos online. 


The Sustainability Hour Radio Show

6-7pm every Tuesday on 90.5 KCSU Fort Collins, Listen Live Online

The Sustainability Hour radio show is hosted by SoGES Sustainability Leadership Fellows, a cohort of 20 PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows at CSU. The show discusses challenges we face as a global community, the impacts of human-induced changes on the natural world, and the current research addressing these important issues. Every week, hosts Adam Dillon, Patricia Salerno, and Travis Gallo interview professors, graduate students, and visiting researchers working in the vast arena of sustainability science and discuss a range of topics such as food security, biological diversity and conservation, climate change, and environmental governance.

Adam Dillon
Patricia Salerno
Travis Gallo

May 17 - Meet the hosts! The sustainability hour hosts, Adam, Patricia, and Travis, discuss fields of research and where they are headed next.

Hobman Photography
Adrian Howkins

May 10 - CSU alum Dirk Hobman discusses his research with documentary photography and habitat disturbance, and about his recently published photography book. Adrian Howkins tells us about his research as an environmental historian in the polar regions and its importance in conservation and climate change politics.

Ellen Daugherty

May 3 - Learn about Graduate Women in Science’s Northern Colorado Chapter from its president Ellen Daugherty. Tune is as we discuss gender and diversity issues in academia with CSU’s Ruth Haufbauer.

Chris Funk

Apr. 26 - Chris Funk introduces us to CSU's Global Biodiversity Center

Academia Profile

Apr. 19 - Visiting Distinguished Ecologist Mark Boyce, discusses his research on large wildlife and complex interactions between conservation policy, hunting community, and stakeholders.

Joseph Northrup

Apr. 19 - Former CSU graduate student and postdoc Joe Northrup discusses the impacts of energy development on mule deer in Western Colorado.

Mike Angstadt

Apr. 12 - Learn about complex issues on environmental courts and tribunals from CSU graduate student Mike Angstadt.

Michele Betsill

Apr. 12 - Learn about CSU’s Environmental Governance Working Group from CSU’s Michelle Betsil.

Deron Burkepile

Apr. 5 - From oceans to African savannahs, Deron Burkepile tells us about the effect of large herbivores on ecosystems.

Dale Broder

Apr. 5 - Learn about guppy behavior and an innovative evolution teaching kit developed here at CSU with Dale Broder.

Megan McKenna
Jacob Job

Mar. 29 - How can we keep sound and light pollution from impacting protected areas? Megan McKenna and Jacob Job also tell us about the Sound Lab and how you can participate.

Osvaldo Sala

Mar. 22 - Osvaldo Sala tells us about ecosystem services of grasslands and how climate change will affect their precipitation and productivity patterns.

Amber Childress

Mar. 22 - Learn about water policy and research being done by CSU’s graduate student Amber Childress.

Liba Pejchar
Sarah Reed

Mar. 8 - Can biological conservation, well-being, and residential development go hand in hand? Learn from CSU’s Liba Pejchar and Sarah Reed.

Charlotte Alster

Mar. 1 - CSU graduate student Charlotte Alster tells us how changing climates affect soil microbial communities and carbon cycling.

Diana Wall

Mar. 1 - SoGES’s Diana Wall tells us about the Global Soil Biodiversity Working Group, the sustainability leadership fellowship, and more!

Shifra Goldenberg

Feb. 23 - Hear from Shifra Goldenberg how increased poaching has impacted elephant social structure in Africa.

Kathy Galvin

Feb. 23 - Kathy GalvinTells us about CSU's Africa Center, their involvement in serving as an exciting platform for international research, and their upcoming events

Chris Kotalik

Feb. 16 - Learning about using aquatic insects as indicators of stream health with Chris Kotalik.

Sudeep Chandra

Feb. 16 - From water quality to the largest freshwater fish in the world, teaches us about conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

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