Sustainable Water Interdisciplinary Minor (SWIM)

The CSU Water Center, in partnership with the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, is proud to offer a minor in Sustainable Water Interdisciplinary Minor (SWIM). SWIM offers undergraduate students, regardless of their major, an opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the many dimensions of water management. By taking advantage of the outstanding water expertise available at CSU, students can better prepare themselves for careers in water management or graduate study in a water-related area.

Download CHECKSHEET for Sustainable Water Interdisciplinary Minor.

The minor consists of a 21 credits in core and elective courses that are particularly relevant to today’s water manager.

Students must enroll in the minor to have it show up in their transcript. To do that, students should meet with the CSU Water Center SWIM Advisor (contact information can be found below).

Completing the Minor requires the following:

AREC/ECON 240 – Issues in Environmental Economics (3 credits)

AREC 342 – Water Law, Policy, and Institutions (3 credits)

GR 304/WR 304 – Sustainable Watersheds (3 credits)

Students must select a minimum of 6 credits each from the two course groups below (see the checksheet for the course list).

Foundations of Water:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Ecology
  • Geology
  • Physics

Context of Water:

  • Sociological-Economic Context
  • Ecological-Biological Context
  • Physical Context

Of these courses, a minimum of 12 upper-division (300-400 level) courses is required. Schedule a meeting with the SWIM Advisor, Julie Kallenberger (970) 491-5124 or, to obtain and complete a Plan of Study for the Sustainable Water Interdisciplinary Minor.

For information on the education programs and courses offered by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, please contact Dale Lockwood, SoGES Academic Coordinator, at or by calling (970) 492-4070.