Minor in Global Environmental Sustainability

Global Environmental Sustainability Minor

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability is proud to offer an interdisciplinary minor in Global Environmental Sustainability. The Global Environmental Sustainability Minor offers students in every department a curriculum that enhances their major with an understanding of the issues of sustainability and provides students with the tools to bring sustainability into their career paths.

Contact the GES Advisor at GESadvising@colostate.edu. Office hours: By appointment in Johnson Hall room 131

Download CHECKSHEET for Interdisciplinary Minor in Global Environmental Sustainability

The minor consists of a 21 credit-hour sequence with flexibility for the student to explore specific aspects of sustainability while receiving a broad education in the complex and interconnected nature of the subject.

Students must enroll in the minor to have it show up in their transcript. To do that students should meet with the SoGES academic coordinator (contact information can be found below).

Completing the Minor requires the following:

  • GES101 – Foundations of Global Environmental Sustainability (3 credits)
  • GES470 – Applications of Global Environmental Sustainability (3 credits)

GES 101 is usually taken early in the sequence of courses for the minor and is offered both Fall and Spring semesters. GES 470 is generally taken in the last spring semester before graduating. GES 470 is the capstone of the minor so completion of most of the other courses is important for taking this course.

Students must take one course each from the courses listed in the four categories (see the checksheet for the course list).

  • A. Physical and Biological Processes
  • B. Economics
  • C. Society and Social Processes
  • D. Skills

Of these four courses, at least two must be upper division (300 and above). There is also a requirement for one Upper Division Elective. This course can be from any of the courses in the groups A, B, C or D. It must have a course subject code different from any other course taken to satisfy the minor.

At least three classes from categories A, B, C and D must be taken from three different colleges. Some classes in the IM will fit into multiple categories. Such courses may only count towards one category. Students will not be allowed to take more than two classes with the same prefix throughout the entire minor (two courses with the same subject code is the max a student can take). Twelve of the 21 credits must be upper division (300 level or above) including GES 470. GES 101 and 5 core courses are meant to be taken in sequence, meaning they should be taken before a student takes the GES 470. However, students must take GES 101 before taking GES 470.

For more information on the education programs and courses offered by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, please contact Dale Lockwood, SoGES Academic Coordinator, at GESadvising@colostate.edu or by calling (970) 492-4070. The advising office is located in Johnson Hall room 131.