GES Course Endorsement Application

For humans to live sustainably, the Earth's resources must be replenished at least as quickly as they are consumed. The curriculum for the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES) focuses on a comprehensive understanding of the environment, upon which sustainable human actions can be based. Students who participate in the curriculum will be able to determine solutions to problems that have developed from human interactions with the environment.

Global environmental sustainability explores the interconnections of:

  1. the environment (biological and physical processes)
  2. the global economy (prosperity and well-being)
  3. society (human processes and fairness)
  4. ways of knowing, creating and communicating

"Global" refers to the impact of sustainable action on the global economy, human societies around the world, and the planet as a whole. Global environmental sustainability is a dynamic concept that will continue to evolve. SoGES will promote and administer curricular products designed to increase student literacy in environmental sustainability and to enhance professional development and leadership in sustainability.

Please complete this form if you are interested in having your course endorsed as a GES course. Endorsed courses are explicitly interdisciplinary courses recognized as having content that advances the SoGES mission. Interdisciplinary implies that at least 30% of the course will address interconnections among elements of sustainability. Course endorsement will be promoted by SoGES to guide students who are interested in strengthening their training in global environmental sustainability and promoting literacy in global environmental sustainability. While all courses may not meet the interdisciplinary standard for endorsement, they may play a critical role in GES interdisciplinary programs. GES endorsements will appear in ARIES for registration subject to department registration restrictions and prerequisites. Applications that are not approved will be returned to the proposing faculty.